Photo of Nathan Ramsden-Lock

A mix of Comedy Songs, Puns and One Liners
Nathan Ramsden-Lock is a one man variety show with his offbeat mix of visual gags, puns and one liners and comical songs so catchy, you'll still be singing them on the way home.
Nathan has not only performed his comedy on BBC Radio and traditional venues like the world famous comedy store in London, but also some of the more unusual places such as a stage set up in a bar corridor, a Goth metal pub and an audience holding tent at Pinewood studios.
"Within a very short time, he had the audience singing, waving, laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves" - Matt Roseblade, Fat Fox Comedy & Puns & Roses Comedy.
“Nathan keeps the audience captivated with his rapid fire one liners“ - Michael Frankland, PM Promotions
"His self-aware commitment to this offbeat style is amusing in its own way and creates a unique kind of energy in the room." - West Sussex County Times
"I love him lots" - Nathan's Mum