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Clean and dry comedian.

Toby has performed ~350 gigs to date. He has been performing stand-up comedy on and off since 2008 after attending the (Amused Moose) comedy course with Logan Murray in 2010. His on stage presence has been honed through a career that has seen him speak at global conferences regularly.
The author of 'Stand Up and Deliver' and comedian, Andy Kind, describes Toby as "displaying a poise and off-kilter train of thought that is so refreshingly out of step with so much of the comedy circuit today." ?Like a funnier and ruder C. S. Lewis.?
Paul Savage, Juice Comedy, says Toby is "determined to find punchlines through nitpicking."
Toby has been performing regularly across London at comedy nights including 2Northdown and Angel Comedy, has performed at Leicester Square Comedy Store and supported Andy Kind in Leeds and Watford. He featured as a guest act at the Interruption Show at All Out Comedy, Oakland, California.
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Toby Isaacs at Angel Comedy 2022

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