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If Don Rickles and Jim Henson had a baby, I'd be surprised on account of them both being dudes. My act takes a little from each of them, tarnishes their memories, and starts over with lifted material from failed Star Search contestants. But I never do anything blue...just racial stuff.

SK Morton operates the Lousy San Francisco Walking Tour; a humor focused tour of the city which has received awards for the last four years in a row.
After conquering the critical yet highly overlooked (Especially by the customers) comedy walking tour audience, SK turned his attention to disappointing people on a scale befitting the world wide web. His Lousy SF Podcast also garnered 7x7 SF Best of the Bay award in 2016. (It's been downhill from there)
This Spring of 2021 look for his 1st book, "Grandpa's Cheese" which is sure to be his argument to his wife for why he needs an office.
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