Edward Smyth

Troy NY , United States
Edward Smyth
Edward Smyth

Silly. Irreverent. And a friend yet to small animals, children, and physics, Ed Smyth brings a constant string of brain-twisty topics such as single cell balloon animals, twisted French history, a talking neutrino puppet, warped movie scenes, sea shanties, and heavy metal on kazoo.

Ed Smyth's stand up performance is not your typical set of bits, stories, and the usual topics of family life, politics, and internet dating. Instead, he moves swiftly along in a string of silly, brain-twisty topics that blend nuggets of science, history, made up songs, physics, movies, sock puppets, and...sea chanties? It's Wally, the Happy Talking Neutrino. Then it's a prehistoric recreation of "Dawn of Stand Up Comedy". Maybe followed next by a Flat Earth Society Community Theater presentation of what really happened to Christopher Columbus. Followed perhaps next by a visit by the village chief from the original 1933 "King Kong" who wants to do crowd work. If you ever were (or still are) a Monty Python or Emo Phillips fan, Ed fits the spot.

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