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My name is Sanj Surati and I am an award winning comedian. To date I have done 163 shows 123 of them have been in London, 4 of them have been in New York City, 2 of them have been in Hollywood and 17 have been done digitally. I now have a loyal following and am doing a lot of TV and film at the moment including ITV, Sky, Marvel & Disney. Ive supported some big names including, Simon Brodkin, Andrew ONeill and Arthur Smith. Ive also done Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe.
I did my first stand up comedy performance at Standon Calling on Friday 28th July 2017. I have now done shows in LA, New York as. well as all over London. I love the rush and want to write and perform more material. I am looking to do more shows and hope to perform in Chicago one day. I have supported Richard Morton, Arthur Smith, Simon Brodkin and Andrew O'Neill. I have also started to do some corporate work for events and delivered a 20 minute set in front of 400 people at Mozfest at the Royal Society of Arts. I do a lot of film and TV and have been fortunate enough to work closely with some incredible Directors including Stephen Frears, Guy Ritchie, Max Keane and Chloe Zhao. I have also shared the camera with comedy legends David Schwimmer, Hugh Laurie and Nick Mohammed. I have done a few Fringe shows including Edinburgh and Brighton. I am part of the Hoopla Improv house team The Aquarium and am also a house comedian at Flappers Comedy Club in Los Angeles. I also have a music aspect to my shows where I beat box with the crowd. I remember the time I peed himself at the age of five when I was running in a field with my friends during a relatives wedding. I couldn't hold it any longer and just let myself go in the field. I spent the rest of the wedding with wet trousers that smelt of pee. The wedding was memorable for many. Sadly for the wrong reasons.
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The Robocop Sketch - Sanj Surati - Cambridge November 2019


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