Photo of Sanj Surati

My name is Sanj Surati and I am an award winning comedian and improv artist. To date I have done 193 shows 143 of them have been in London, 4 of them have been in New York City, 2 of them have been in Hollywood and 17 have been done digitally. I now have a loyal following and am doing a lot of TV and film at the moment including ITV, Sky, Marvel & Disney. Ive supported some big names including, Simon Brodkin, Andrew ONeill and Arthur Smith. Ive also done Edinburgh, Nottingham and Brighton Fringe. I am also a Trustee at the English Touring Theatre. I am also officially part of the MCU.

I did my first stand up comedy performance at Standon Calling on Friday 28th July 2017. I have now done shows in LA, New York as well as all over London. I love the rush and enjoy to writing and performing my material.. I have supported Richard Morton, Arthur Smith, Simon Brodkin and Andrew O'Neill. I have done loads of corporate shows now for many institutions including Mozilla and the Royal Society of Arts. I do a lot of film and TV and have been fortunate enough to work closely with some incredible Directors including Sam Raimi, Stephen Frears, Guy Ritchie and Chloe Zhao. I have also shared the camera with comedy legends David Schwimmer, Hugh Laurie and Nick Mohammed. I have done a few Fringe shows including Edinburgh, Nottingham and Brighton. I am part of the Hoopla Improv house team The Aquarium and am a house comedian at Flappers Comedy Club in Los Angeles and am also a trustee at the English Touring Theatre. I have a music aspect to my shows where I beat box with the crowd. I remember the time I peed himself at the age of five when I was running in a field with my friends during a relatives wedding. I couldn't hold it any longer and just let myself go in the field. I spent the rest of the wedding with wet trousers that smelt of pee. The wedding was memorable for many. Sadly for the wrong reasons. My dream would be to perform in Chicago one day.