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Wacky, loud and slightly surreal, Dan once went on a vacation from reality. Too bad he only bought a one way ticket.
**WARNING**Some material may not be suitable for those of a responsible disposition.
"A joke-smith of some merit "

"Lankey and intensely raven haired"
-The mind of Bim
Dan has been performing regularly on the comedy circuit since May 2017, and in that time he has performed over 160 gigs up and down the country, including solo shows at the Telford, Reading, and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, some spots at the Leicester comedy Festival, and regularly hosting a new act/new material night . He can often be observed bounding off the walls with excitement, or getting totally side tracked by his own thoughts.

Dan has a unique style, blending story telling with conversation. A love for psychopaths and a good mystery and a slight disdain for this 'Reality' people keep telling him to get a grip of... Dan also has mixed feelings about referring to himself in the 3rd person.

"A joke-smith of some merit "
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