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?True to the old adage ?big things come in small packages? , Atkins pound for pound is one of the greatest comedians we?ve seen in a long time. ?
-K. Atkins

A native Houstonian, living in New York City, Kris Atkins is quickly making a name for himself on the comedy circuit as a ?breakout comedian?. Armed with a twang, his quick-witted style, southern vernacular, and deadpan humor, leaves audiences doubled over gasping for air. Kris is the epitome of the old saying ?big things come in small packages?. Kris?s observational comedy has been featured in churches, colleges, corporations, arenas, and comedy clubs around the country; from the noted Improv (Houston, Dallas, Arlington), Chicago?s Jokes n Notes, Los Angeles? famed Comedy Store, and New York City?s lauded comedy gems; Caroline?s and Gotham Comedy Clubs just to name a few.

Since relocating to NYC in 2016, Kris has taken no time making his presence known. Placing second in the 2017 Manhattan Comedy Festival, and winning the overall 2017 Standup 360 Comedy Festival, 2018American Black Film Festival finalist, 2019 Festival at Sea champion.

Kris is currently working on his web series/voter registration campaign, entitled ?VOTE KRIS? which promotes political activism amongst millennial minorities. Logical, apathetic, unbiased, and outrageously hilarious; no subject is off limits for this young man with such a bright future ahead of him.
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