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What’s good! I’m The Real Hyjinx, comedian, host, show producer and cofounder of the NW Black Comedy Festival. Also half of Dirty Angel Entertainment LLC

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3 week ago

Footage Alert!!!!!!Footage Alert!!!! Tha Nerve Hitta is Up 2 Tha Shenanigans!! Again? And it is! For Real? And is!! Please like/share/comment. For Booking Info: 😆 😆 😆 IG: tha_nerve_hitta_comedy #WorkHardInSilence #LetYourSuccessBeYourNoise #MakeLifeYourStage #TakeAPicture2Me #GetWithThaHittaMerchComing #Humble Can you take a peek at this its my promo text. What do you think? 😁

The Real Hyjinx @ Helium Comedy Club PDX