Photo of Zak Sprung

Opener and featured comedian based in Dallas, Texas.

Zak Sprung has gone from putting out fires to setting audiences ablaze with his biting wit and hilarious stories.Originally from Albuquerque but now calling Dallas his home, the desire to perform burned inside him for years. After retiring from the fire department, he decided to try stand up as a whim, and knew immediately it was what he wanted to do in the next phase of his life. He grabbed hold of the microphone, stepped on stage and never looked back.The first thing you notice about Zak when he performs stand up is his confidence. He knows he is funny. Even though he has only been performing for a year he has the cadence and powerful delivery of a seasoned professional. He also doesnt shy away from controversial subject matter such as race, religion or sexuality; he tackles those topics with a playfulness that sets the audience at ease. He dances on the edge of controversy but he doesnt cross the line. He only wants to make the audience laugh, and he makes a point not to offend.He is a married man with one daughter, and he talks about them on stage. He isnt just a one trick pony, however, because he also discusses his years as a fireman and other life experiences. His act is both personal and observational. He takes you on a journey through his twisted mind, yet somehow still manages to tie it all together.Zak is determined to leave his mark on the comedy industry. He has opened for many of Texas most renowned comedians, including Rocky Dale Davis, Dustin Simms, Paul Verghase, Flo Hernandez and Eric Eaton. He has competed in the Funniest Comic in Texas Competition and was also recently accepted into the Smoke and Joke Comedy Festival in New York City. If it involves performing for an audience, Zak is interested.In addition to stand up, he is heard nationwide as a voice actor for a large national radio company. He was also a writer and co-producer for the Totally Back to the Eighties, with Marc Skippy Price radio show in Daytona, Florida. He even produces his own comedy shows with his company, Sprung Comedy Productions.Is it terrifying to start a comedy career later in life? Of course. However, stand up is the adrenaline rush he has been missing since his days in smoke filled buildings. Luckily, the same skills that made Zak Sprung a good firefightercourage, determination and fearlessnessalso translate to the stand up stage. When people are hung up on political correctness and cancel culture, the world needs someone who isnt afraid to play with fire.