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In addition to being an opening act for Ray Romano in theaters as a standup comedian, I've appeared on both his TV shows (Everybody Loves Raymond and Men of a Certain Age) as well as his upcoming movie, Somewhere In Queens. That's part one of my story.
For the past 3 decades I have been performing for corporate events as a funny fake industry expert (aka corporate comedy put-on). I am introduced as a new vp or hot shot expert and with the help of inside info, I get everyone laughing even as they think I'm for real. I've done this for hundreds of top companies in the Fortune 1000 in virtually every industry.
I am also a great roaster, often coming in as someone who knows the honoree and pretending to give a real toast, only to veer off into a funny this is your life routine, again with inside info.

Full Page NY Times Profile for my corporate comedy
Numerous Articles in Newsday
Have written articles for Meetings Magazine and more
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