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Will is a "comedian" and one of the worst but most indulgent poets this country's ever produced. His stand up is comprised of a mixture of shocking (in both senses of the word) spoken word poetry and absurd cutaways from his art into flirtation with the audience and his general views on life, love and why the f*** he decided to write at all.Sex, death, Christianity, tennis, pigeons, divorce, allergies, global politics, no topic is too out there for Will Penswick and he''s committed

Will has been performing stand-up for several years in London, Dublin and Edinburgh having performed with acts like Ken Cheng, Fern Brady and Alison Spittle and is in the process of writing his first full show: ''Dank Verse'' that he will bring to the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe.

The show will have London previews with Etcetera Theatre on March 23rd and 24th, and has been programmed with Laughing Horse at The Temple Bar for The Brighton Fringe Festival (May 28th, June 2nd, June 3rd @ 3.45pm).

Will hosts his own comedy night - StraightUp Comedy @ Landor Space (above the Landor Pub in Clapham) with Mark Bittlestone and Will Dalrymple - the two other comedians who run StraightUp Productions. StraightUp Comedy has played host to Suzi Ruffell, Ahir Shah, Rob Oldham and Heidi Regan
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Will Penswick @ Landor Space March 2018

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