Photo of Gaz Falides

Stand up. Mum. Actor. Writer. Lad.
Essex born Gaz is a regular on the open mic circuit and has played to more than 400 people at shows including Bournemouth's Funny Bizznez comedy night in January 2019 performing alongside Judi Love - and Funny Bizznez Christmas All Stars alongside Ria Lina & Joe Jacobs in December 2018.
Gaz has recently received 4.5 star rave reviews performing in a split show at Brighton & Camden Fringe, June/Aug 2019, in Girls With Jokes stand up show - and at the King

Logan Murray quote: "Gaz is one of those delightful comics who manages to turn her social editor completely off when she's on stage.

"She is a force of nature who says the most outrageous things and the audience love her for it.

"Funny, scurrilous, shocking and charming in equal measures."