Photo of TK Wallis

Stand-up Comedian from Cambridge, England. Well known for portraying "Baba Matumbo" (an African Warlord) and "Alan"(a sharp lad from Cambridge) since 2018 I have been on the road doing over a 150 gigs. Some could describe me as a black-hearted joke-slinger but I reckon I am a big Softie. "TK Wallis is working his way up the comedy ladder and his jokes are fresh and innovative. He has a warm stage persona which my audience took to." PAUL JOHNSTONE,SENIOR PROMOTER, SUFFOL

My material is mostly based around my rough African upbringing in the jungles of Zimbabwe and my current posh Cambridge lifestyle. I would write more but I don't want to give too much away. Book me and you will hear all about it in great detail!