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Hi, I'm Rhymes and Such, a 45 year old bedroom rapper who very rarely raps on stage. I'm a performance poet and philosopher branding out into stand up. Pretentious? Moi? Think of me as a the bastard love child of Prince and Jeff Goldblum or a cross between - or David James and Dot Cotton (if you're being particularly cruel) Bamber Gascoigne, or even Richard Ayoade on hunger strike.
I've about 5 different 5 minute routines and a solid 10 mins too.

Here are some random social media hashtags to appear like I understand social media.

#politics #identity #black humour #parody #transpositions #brexit #spurs #awkwardness #sextortion #enmeshment

I have conventional stand up, rapped ditties, even a song entitled Racist Lover. Should I go on?! Not sure what more to say really.
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