Photo of Tha Nerve Hitta

My government name is Caryeen Hughes but my stage name/beast is Tha Nerve Hitta!! I started doing Stand-Up in 2007. My first stage I had the honor to step on was Uptown Comedy Corner in Georgia. I was horrible! Well I did get a few chuckles, but terrible none the least. I went home shook it off!! Put on another cute pair of Boots along with my Big Gurl Draws and rode my tail in there every week until.. I started gaining more confidence in my performance and my delivery! I started venturing out. I hit open mics for awhile everywhere all over Georgia and anywhere else that would let me!! My mother passed. So I took a little break from the comedy thing. Buckled down got a real job. Comedy aint paying like that; hopefully soon it will! I went back to what I know being a CNA/caregiver. On my work break I was employed at multiple nursing home facilities, hospitals, rehabs, and jobs.. the things I have seen and made it thru; made me think if I can make it thru this ish here with a smile on my face and make others smile 😁😁 Hey why not!! Try it!! Your good! So PunchLine Kings Comedy Festival gave me a chance!! Or they said semi finales!! I jumped in my Little Ford Focus!!( Shout out to my Ride Whitee he held me down from City to City Highway To Highway. You will hear us coming!!!! ) And hit the road.
With that currently Im going to any stage spreading my message of laughter. Work hard in Silence let your Success Be Your Noise!!