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Storytelling comedy from an itinerant fringe nomad and award winning performer using dark humour and an absurd mind.

Winner, Outstanding Performer New Zealand Fringe 2017 (Tea with Terrorists)
Winner, Outstanding Ensemble New Zealand Fringe 2017 (Fiery Tongues)
Nominee, Best In Fringe New Zealand Fringe 2016 (Homicidal Pacifist)

Sameena Zehra is a comedian, storyteller, writer, director & blues singer. She has also worked as an actor with the National Theatre and toured internationally with the RSC.

A consummate writer and performer who has a great connection with her audience, Sameenas humour is dark and her mind is absurd. She is a storyteller, political satirist, feminist and humanist with a unique take on the world, equally at home exploring the individual experiences of daily life and the larger issues of the world we live in. She has performed her solo shows all over the world, including Edinburgh Fringe, Melbourne InternaLonal Comedy Festival, Brighton Fringe, Adelaide Fringe and New Zealand Fringe.

Reviews include...

...the unsupressed anger of Denis Leary the political heart of Bill Hicks a show thats funny, fiery, brave and true. Herald, Scotland

...combines warmth with political passion. **** Scotsgay

A master storyteller * * * * Three Weeks, Edinburgh

'mingling of the commonplace with the astonishing, and frequently violent' The Independent intimate atmosphere with all the warmth, energy and enthusiasm of a full house at the Apollo...Fluency, intensity and vivacity* * * * The Age,Melbourne

ballsy, intelligent and searingthe best comedy show I have seen all Fringe Radio Adelaide

the wittiest, most intelligent, comedy Ive seen in the whole Wellington Fringe Festival 2016 tackles the hard topics with ease, wit and charmcomedy that made you laugh and made you think. Art Murmur

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