Rob Webber

Rob Webber is a seasoned and experienced stand up comic, voice actor, writer and event producer from the Duncan Area of Vancouver Island. Rob has a very unique style that will both bring an audience into a show and leave an individual feeling they have made a friend, or at least helped a person thru their personal therapy. Listing among his influences the likes of Bill Hicks, Andy Kaufman, and several others as well as comedy legends such as Lenny Bruce and George Carlin.

Rob has also been called " a comedy warrior" for his style of never giving into a heckler and fighting thru, and is known for his support of new comics and the local open mic scenes on Vancouver Island. Rob Webber has began to show his comedy chops and is an up and comer in the comedy scene and was recently labelled a "face and set to watch" . Rob made the switch to full time earlier in 2017 and has not looked back, a very high energy and crowd pleasing comic who never seems to fail to both make a fan and get a laugh from even the toughest crowds.

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