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I was born on December 28 1993, I wasn?t always a performer , I wasn?t a shy kid but I wasn?t really bombastic. I began with singing in junior high in choir and in high school solo, I have a decent tenor voice. I began doing improv in the summer of 2009, my original goal was to do stand up and 6 years later I got to do so starting on July 18 2015.
I have solid 5-10 minutes so far .
I can be clean and dirty in my act , I am not preaching anything . A lot of my material is self deprecation , I also enjoy word play. I love observational humor but the subjects I tackle are weirder. I am not doing any type of character or shtick I am a self aware eccentric.
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5 year ago

This guy is UP and COMMING!

Set 62- Second Time In New York


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