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I mostly recall stories from my life when I felt certain I was destined for fame only for the fame-shaped rug to disappear as soon as I set foot on it. Basically, you know that crazy German guy that used to cut up bodies live on TV? I carry out a similar voyage of discovery by attempting to dissect why Twitter haven't given me a blue tick yet.

Richard's writing "career" began in Sydney in 2016 when he set sail on the long, arduous and quite frankly ridiculous voyage of writing an autobiography on his iPhone thinking it would be the next Forrest Gump. It wasn't. S*** happens.He subjected family, friends and a microscopic number of strangers to two books in 2019 'Richard Cobb: Part One: The easier to digest years' and 'An Advent Story & other loosely themed festive page fillers which unarguably didn't merit a stand-alone book.'

He currently resides in a broom cupboard in London. Most of his clothes still reside in his sister's garage somewhere on the outskirts of Edinburgh.
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Richard Cobb: Live at Sunday Shtick (London)

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