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I'm a Boston US based standup comic who will be in London from Dec. 27th - Jan. 5th. I have had the opportunity to open for such US national headliner acts as Jeff Dye (NBC, MTV) and Donnell Rawlings (Chappelle Show, Comedy Central). I would love to get some stage time while in the UK and am not looking for any compensation. Any help would be much appreciated
Randy is a Boston-based comedian and podcaster originally hailing from Queens, New York. After going to a fancy Ivy League university and spending over a decade as an investment banker and private equity investor, Randy decided he did not like paying his bills on time and jumped head first into stand up comedy. Randy?s style of comedy reflects his diverse upbringing in New York City by a Dominican father and an Irish-German mother, his experiences as a single man in his 30?s, and the everyday absurdities we all take part in but never seem to notice. Randy can be seen performing all over New England and has recently been opening up for NBC's Jeff Dye in cities around the country including New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas and Phoenix
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