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Rabiah is an American comic and recent expat via San Diego. She has a storytelling and anecdotal style.

Rabiah moved to London from America in early 2020 for her day job in IT and was making her way around the London comedy open mic scene before lockdown. Besides London and online, she has taken the stage in Austin, Oakland, Portland, Los Angeles and San Diego where she got her start almost 2 years ago. Rabiah’s passion for storytelling mixed with a dry delivery and a little self-deprecation make her relatable and entertaining to many different audiences. She hit the 150+ gig mark in early 2021! She also hosts the More Than Work Podcast.

Note that I put the category of "clean" and am happy to do a clean set as needed! My set is pretty PG-13 anyway. I have done 150+ gigs and can do up to 20 minutes comfortably. I am also writing a solo show for Brighton and Camden Fringe and would love an additional spot on a Fringe show if anyone has any open.
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