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Rabiah is an American comic and recent expat via San Diego. She has a storytelling and anecdotal style.
After a recent job transfer, Rabiah is now a London-based comic with a day job in IT. In 2014 she set a goal to do standup once before she turned 40 and reup on her original dream of being a writer. Five years later, with little time left, she made her debut on a stage in San Diego, CA and hasn't stopped performing. She has been often seen in San Diego on shows or at open mics (sometimes as a host), and has also performed in Los Angeles, Oakland, Austin and Portland. Rabiah's passion for storytelling mixed with a dry delivery make her relatable and entertaining.

Note that I put the category of "clean" and am happy to do a clean set as needed! My set is pretty PG-13 anyway.
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