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Just a fat idiot muttering into a microphone about assaulting children. Mike (close personal friend)I havent been so disgusted by a bearded mans dead eyed ramblings since Bin Laden. Siobhan (previous employer)

Some weeks ago on a lonely and drunken Saturday night a confused Pete took it into his head to sign up for a stand-up comedy course. Sunday found him looking for his keys, one of his shoes and desperately trying to get his money back. All to no avail. Never one to waster a pound (when sober) he resolved to give it a go. He went along each week and, in lieu of having anything funny to say, moaned to the rest of the class. Some of them giggled; maybe they were amused, maybe his flies were open. We will probably never know. Whatever the reason, here we now find ourselves, because of them.
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