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Dark- humoured young comedian (can also do family- friendly)

My act is a dangerous cocktail of unusual stories and critical observational content about society, political and cultural norms. I also elaborate upon my atrocious lifestyle choices and multiple dances with the devil at university- largely involving drugs, alcohol and women. I am critical of far left- wing, pro- drugs attitudes that sects of the comedy industry now promotes. I don't think anyone has my style but... I'd say I have Doug Stanhope-esque stories and degeneracy. Frankie Boyle-esque imagery and overall dark content. Bill Hicks-esque good intentions and Micky Flanagan-esque delivery. All tied into concise and stimulating package- and told by a failed rapper and Law student who is headed for a first class degree at the University of Leeds.

'A man of the people'- Doug Stanhope, Comedian
'The most controversial man on the internet'- Jed Salisbury, Hull Comedy Festival
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