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Hello, I'm a new performer who has a few gigs under my belt, looking mainly to book 5 or 10 minute sets around London.
I'm originally from the USA and got into stand up her in London last year. I have experience acting and speak to groups regularly as part of my day job, so I think I do okay in front of crowds, but my focus so far has mostly been on getting comfortable with the rhythm and timing of stand up and honing my material. My gigs to date are usually mostly new material, but a goal of mine for 2020 is to start tightening it into a more narrow set.

That being said, I'm very keen on current events and as an enthusiastically optimistic American I'm always certain that the joke I've just come up with is funnier than anything that anyone's ever done before, so I'll almost always work something new into my set.
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Rising Stars 28 Jan 2020


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