Photo of Nikolay Voronkov

I am a comedian & organizer of The Cronx Comedy Club in Croydon. A weekly night on Wednesday featuring comedians from the London circuit.

The Cronx Comedy Club is for people who believe in free speech, that you work hard & then play hard, that the box doesn't exist, the glass is half full, enjoy going out, aren't serious, appreciate good humour, love prank videos, want to have a laugh, relax & unwind with a great atmosphere, let loose, have a good time, get together with friends, know there's something better than the pub, enjoys life, wants an experience to remember, are the creatives, the rule-breakers & free thinkers.

Our club focuses on people who want to enjoy live entertainment together with friends within a friendly atmosphere and laugh at the silly & absurd together.

We promise that being part of our audience will introduce you to new perspectives & interesting people, meet comedians, laugh until you fall off your chair (that has actually happened) & enjoy an experience to remember with some amazing people that you won't want to forget.

Join our comedy revolution at the Limitless VR in Croydon every Wednesday from 7PM - 11PM. Free Entry.