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Hello! I'm Neel G - I'm a fairly new comedian looking for stagetime!My comedy style is observational / storytelling, I have some clean material too.I'm comfortable with 10 minute slots at present and will be looking to grow these over time.Thanks!

Hello! I'm Neel - pretty new to comedy, but I have lots of material I'm hoping to bring to stage!
My normal comedy style is pretty relaxed storytelling / observational, however I have also done clean and topical sets for events.
I like observing the links between current events, society and culture which I've found everyone can connect with. I'm looking to get on stage as much as possible, presently for 10-15 minute slots and looking to grow this over time.
The link below is part of my set for Chortle, if you would like to see a clean set I did for an academic event, feel free youtube the same name.
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Bright Club Southampton #12 - Neel Gunturi

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