Photo of Mikebono

For the past 9 years, Mike Bono has been toiling on the independent comedy circuit. Instead of beating his head against the wall, trying to break into the ultra-competitive comedy club scene, where conforming to a series of rules and regulations are the norm, He decided to take his own path. He didn’t want to compromise his integrity, so he found other venues that welcomed his particular style of humor. Bars, night clubs, social houses…. Anywhere there was a stage and a willing audience, Mike was there. Because he has something to say that’s worth being said. Mike was born in a small town in West Virginia (Follansbee, population: 2,735) and currently resides in Zanesville, Ohio. He is part Slovakian, part Italian and part common
sense. He sells furniture by day and enlightens minds by night. He is known on the comedy scene as “The Angry White Comic” because he rants on stage about the stupidity that is ever present in today’s society. There are rules to living in the world today, and people need to remember that. He thinks the internet encourages weirdos, people need to learn how to properly wave and older people need to stay off social media. He talks about religion, superstitions, irrational fears and being single. He is sarcastic, intelligent and most importantly, he knows how to tell a joke. Mike placed second in the only contest he ever entered, “The Heckler’s Show” in Niles, Ohio. He currently doesn’t have any television or radio credits but he can be seen on
Youtube, where he posts his web-series, “The Day in The Life of A Struggling Comic” along with videos from past performances. He also chronicles his time under quarantine and lockdown. He is not afraid to peel back the layers of his life and bare his soul to the audience. Mike Bono calls himself a drunk mixed with a little bit of crazy. That’s selling himself short. He has good timing, a commanding stage presence and solid joke writing ability.
What’s more, he believes in himself and works hard at his craft. He isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and play the tougher rooms, because he knows those are the places that make a comedian better. He is a true comic’s comic, and he keeps getting better. He is an act not to be missed.