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I have been gigging over a long period and steadily building up a solid set of jokes.
I have a dry delivery and do a mix of one liners and twisted logic.
I’d love to get more stage time and really want to gig more.
In 2022 I won the Kings Loft gong show in Southsea.
I have mainly been gigging on the open mic scene in Portsmouth but just starting to break into paid work for Dan Churchley of Solent comedy.
I have gigged for Matt Roseblade in Southsea
And for Sunjai Arif and Joe wells at Boutique comedy in Southsea.
Also in Southampton I have middled at Colin Owens comedy in the Basement.
Before the lockdown I won my Jason Manfords new comedy act heat at The stage door in Southampton.
Just recently did my first festival Saturday and Sunday at Teddy Rocks festival 2022.
“Nice toppers” Mark Simmons

In 2022 I won the Kings Loft gong show in Southsea.
Before lockdown I won my Jason ManFord new act competition heat in Southampton.
wrote jokes for BBC Newsjack.
At Edinburgh festival I won a comedy car crash night.
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