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Complete Novice...

I?ve always fancied a go at performing Stand-up and last year did some. A good friend of mine, Colin Havey, gave me a 10 minute slot at the Giggle Shack in Runcorn in front of an audience of tens. The only brief he gave me was that it had to be original material and I couldn?t rip anyone off.
Surprisingly, it went really well. So well I went back the next month, with some different material. I didn?t feel this went quite as well. Still undeterred I did a third month, again 5-10 mins between established acts. I did a bit more of the first stuff and again it went well.
I never wanted to make a career of comedy, I still don?t, but I?d like another go somewhere else.
So as a Warrington lad (living in Liverpool last 18 years) I?d love a chance to come to the Albion....
I?m a really cheap night as I don?t drink so a vimto and a packet of McCoy?s and I?m a friend for life.
I?ve also got some groupies, well work colleagues that?ll come along so it?s a win win...
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