Photo of Matthew Blevins
Stand-up Comic/Creator/Host of Three the Hard Way
Recently nominated for an Omaha Entertainment Award for best comedian. Creator of Three the Hard Way, an interruption crowd work show that captures the magic of what it's like to hang out with a group of comics in an alley after a show. I am an emotionally honest comic who confronts the issues of life head on and finds the humor in the trials and tribulations of life in an accessible way. Battles with cancer, divorce, the idiosyncrasies of fatherhood, the trouble with dating millennials without an unlimited data plan, and coming to terms with finally growing up at age 37 are just some of the topics I've brought to every type of audience imaginable as I've found that we all share common ground in that we're trying to figure out life without a manual and how our greatest defeats often lead to our greatest triumphs.
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