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"Best Autistic White Male Stand Up Comedian in Gants Hill"-Gants Hill Recorder"Autistic Dave Grohl"Sam Rhodes "From Newcomer to Upcoming in the fastest time possible"Gary Michael's Stand Up Nights
Mark is an up and coming Autistic Comedian from Gants Hill. This area has been known for producing a wide range of talented performers. Its also where the cast of TOWIE film their show. Mark is relatively new to the Comedy Scene and began 3 years ago performing in his first showcase, whilst traveling South East Asia, in Saigon, Vietnam. (You werent there man!). After a successful showcase he was inducted into the Comedy Saigon Hall of Fame (genuinely true). Since his arrival back SE Asia he decided that performing in a total different part of the world wasnt terrifying enough he decided to give Stand up Comedy a go in London! After attending some City Academy Workshops he performed his Second Showcase at The Comedy Pub in Soho. He also performed at the Backyard Comedy Club at a Showcase organised by Ultra Comedy on behalf of Cancer Research UK. Since then Mark has been performing at various open mic venues across London Winner of Comedy Virgins Open Mic Competition-Monday 3rd December 2018 The Cavendish Arms Fantastic set. Although Im not too sure about those incest jokes (Marks Mum)Boo youre shit (Marks Evil Twin)Quarter Finalist Max Turner Competition February 2020. Winner of Online Gong Show South Kensington Comedy Night May 2020 Mark also runs a successful 5 star reviewed disability and mental health themed comedy night called Laugh-Able and runs a podcast called the Autism Hour, interviewing Autistic Comedians about their diagnosis and their comedy
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