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British comedian & improvisor living in The Netherlands
Comedian, improviser, storyteller, actor, writer, musician as featured on Australia‚??s ABC and the UK‚??s
BBC, Steven Morgan is a jack of all trades, and self-proclaimed master of all of them too.
Living in Nijmegen, NL, where he moved from Brisbane, AU, Steven has toured and performed in famous
comedy clubs and festivals around the world alongside acts such as Stephen Carlin, Damien Power and
Greg Shapiro. Since moving to The Netherlands, he has become a cast member, performer and teacher
with Amsterdam‚??s easylaughs, is a regular on the English-language scene around mainland Europe and
hosts the popular comedy night LYFAO in Nijmegen. He is one half of Tru2U, was a former performer and
teacher with Eindhoven‚??s Chili Con Comedy and is the host of Real Power Talk, a comedy interview series
launched in conjunction with the media company All Things Loud.
While in Brisbane, he was the organiser of the annual Brisbane fringe comedy festival Bris Funny Fest
which featured over 50 acts & 100 shows. He performed in multiple sold-out shows at the curated
Brisbane Comedy Festival 2017. He‚??s a pioneer of immersive theatre, starring in and co-writing the sellout immersive theatre production Cluedo! The Interactive Game as part of the Anywhere Theatre
Festival 2017 which still runs to this day. He was a regular guest on ABC Brisbane on shows such as the
satirical ‚??Eat The Week‚?? and ‚??Hi Fidelity‚??. He founded Comedy Commentary Cinema where comedians
trash talk over movie screenings and has guested on a number of podcasts and radio shows. He was a
script editor of the sketch comedy Brisburn which now sells out regularly in Brisbane. His stand-up
style has been described by the Out Of Order Podcast as ‚??Robin Williams shit when he was high on
cocaine, times by three‚?Ě.

He played Edward in the feature length film Drack released in 2019 & has featured in multiple other
shorts & music videos. He plays the talking clock in the podcast ‚??The Future Is A F**ker‚?Ě amongst other
voiceover work. He featured on the BBC program The One Show performing at a ‚??teenage diary reading
night‚?Ě titled Cringe. He‚??s performed at multiple storytelling and improv event, being picked for the Best
Of ‚??So, What‚??s Your Story?‚?Ě 2017 for his particular tale.
Back in London he fronted the electronic rock act Neon Highwire. The band are best remembered for
their bizarre music videos, all of which Steven directed. The band toured the UK, regularly playing club
nights in London. Their 2013 debut album Relate was met with critical acclaim.
Steven is known for his awkward yet obsessive nature which embraces the absurd. He created an a
capella version of Boys Noize‚??s ‚??This Is What You Want‚?Ě, winning a remix competition as a result. He
created a theme song for the ‚??Kim Jong Il Looking At Things‚?Ě website and an accompanying video. He
creates comedy sketches including his viral tongue-in-cheek ‚??Working From Home‚?Ě instructional video.
He writes for a number of music websites including Clash Magazine, DIY Mag and All Things Loud where
he has interviewed artists such as Idles, Al Murray and Dan The Automator. He wrote an expose on the
successful 90s British band My Vitriol for music website Drowned In Sound which was the most-read
article of the year for the website and prompted a response essay from the band themselves.
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Steven Morgan at The Freedom Fridge 25-05-17

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