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Stand up comedian & improviser from Argentina

I started doing stand up in my native Argentina in early 2016 and continued in China, where I lived for two years. While there, I performed in Beijing Improv, a bilingual English-Chinese Improv troupe, and The Beijing Broads, an all-female troupe. We also taught regular bilingual comedy workshops that were free and open to the community. Both troupes were headline acts for the Singapore International Improv Festival 2018. As for stand up, I have performed in the Angel Comedy Showcase at the Edinburgh Festival for the entire run in 2017 and 2018. Throughout those years, I also headlined several shows in Beijing. I moved to the UK in October 2018 to pursue comedy. Since then, I've performed stand up regularly and formed an improv troupe with Beijing Broads alumni and recruits we've gathered through teaching free weekly workshops.
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Lucila San Martin at The Bill Murray


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