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Biography of Lawyer Johnson
Lawyer Johnson is an on-air talent, comedian, speaker, and charity pace-setter who helps people around the world attain true happiness and more success amid great challenges. He is the brain behind the Lawyer Johnson Comedy Sports Radio Show.
Growing up, Lawyer Johnson would always watch his favorite teams; the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bulls, and The New York Yankees. He is also very thrilled to talk about football with other fans whenever football season comes around; breaking down the elements that make teams playoff contenders. Over the years, Lawyer Johnson became knowledgeable of the fact that sports connect with laughter; like when it comes to depicting certain players on being lazy or being a crybaby. He then began to observe that most comedy platforms only consisted of comedy and nothing more and so he became passionate about redefining the sector.
Motivated by his ardent love for sports and his seven years of professional experience as a comedian he got the insight of adding current events, football, basketball, tennis and more to comedy. That was how the Lawyer Johnson Comedy Sports Radio Show was born on 1st January 2019. As a creative professional, craving to make a difference in his community, Lawyer Johnson devotes all his time, energy and compassion to building one of the biggest Radio shows in the world in order to use his popularity to execute and fund educational and social development programs for inner-city youths. Additionally, he seeks to launch back to school drives that help children with school supplies, food gift card, clothing, hygiene products and more.
Ornamented with a dynamic personality, Lawyer Johnson prefers to take the extra step in staying unique and reaching his aspirations. His long term goal is to fund for the building of a community center in housing projects around the world through his company.  With this approach, he aims to take kids off the streets by providing them with a comfortable place to live in, along with some basic school/personal supplies, and tutors; thereby helping many to achieve a higher level of success in life.
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