Josh Reynolds

Stoke , United Kingdom
Josh Reynolds
Josh Reynolds

Cross dressing topical comedian. Observational, hyprocritcal, breaking stigma

Im a 28 year old male, who for years was broken into thinking cross dressing made me a weird sordid character. This comedy breaks that barrier, makes for a challenging yet firstly funny view.

Self aware of misconceptions - and my own faults, and the pitfalls of focusing just on being trans.

Im limited in show experience yet, looking for gigs in the midlands and north west.

feedback so far:

Gig organisers: we thought you were fab, you were the discussion of everyone afterwards and we expect this to be the start of a career launch.

I love how you tackle the stagnation of comedians But then the close mindedness of people at the same time

Covered loads of material and topics, I could totally see this developing

you were great, love your shoes

Brilliant presence and very funny

Congrats on your first gig, I want to hear note, hard relate (except cross dressing)

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