Jon Cesar
JON CESAR is a American comedian, Actor radio co.host for Griot nation radio show.GNR Network is a Social MultiMedia Outlet dedicated to cultural arts, activism and community development. Jon has hosted 15yrs of comedy shows for big name artist like Hannibal Buress, (Comedy central) Ralphie May Donnelly Rawlings , Mike Epps late great Robin Williams( Comedy network.ca). JON has appeared and featured in movies with actors like Vivica a. fox ,Chadwick Boseman, Michael DE Lorenzo fences Oscar winner Stephan McKinley Henderson.

Jon has achieved several acting and comedy awards
The Romans movie, best actor best drama (Sdiff) (Bdff)
Beyond the sea, drama (biff)
Dark Justice comedy, Brooklyn web fest award (iff) award
Comedy contest winner, Seneca nation
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