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Gothic transvestite bisexual comedian offers social commentary and surrealist deconstruction of a variety of topics ranging from Social Politics to Sexuality & Irrelevant board games

22 year old Jonathan Collins leads you through whimsical deconstruction of Social Politics related to gender and sexuality, interspersed with hard hitting political satire about difficult topics including: Abortion, Sexual Abuse & Freedom of Speech. Whilst having a left wing slant on many socio-political topics, Jonathan is not afraid to address Hypocrisy's of anyone, including himself, and opens up in a way that most audiences can find something to relate to, albeit disguised in drunken ramblings about Bullying & The rules of scrabble.

Jonathan is a high energy and loud performer determined to have his voice heard, regardless of whether he has anything that actually needs to be said.

He stays fresh and up to date with topical trends in the news and media, and has a 5 year back catalogue of solid material to dip into should clubs wish to avoid topical comedy and potentially divisive politics: including Relationship struggles, social awkwardness, and his own take on "coming out" in the 21st century.
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