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American mime, clown, writer, actor, physical comedian, stand-up comedian living in Wroclaw Poland

As a performer for nearly 20 years, Jim has toured the US and Europe as a mime, actor, clown, and physical comedian. He has lived in Poland for 9 years.

His physical comedy act Liquidmime has won top awards at Poland?s comedy festivals and made several television appearances. Jim also appeared on Mam Talent as Liquidmime, making his way to the semi-finals.

As a stand-up comedian, Jim performs in both Polish and English. His first show, ?I?m Gonna? Mowic Popolsku? won several awards at Polish comedy festivals, and he appeared on Dzieki Bogu Juz Weekend and Tylko Dla Doroslych. Jim is the founder of World-Wide Comedy, and is known as The Godfather of stand-up comedy in English in Wroclaw, having produced multiple English-language shows each month for the past 5 years.

Jim has both performed and given talks at several TEDx events in Poland, starred in a music video for Polish rock group Trzynasta w Samo Poludnie, and acted in a main role of an episode of Na Signale.

Jim is also a professional medical clown, working as both a clown and a trainer for Czerwone Noski and its umbrella organization Red Noses International. He makes regular visits to hospitals in Poland to bring joy to the patients, the parents, and the medical staff.
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