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Often referred to as ‚??Comedy‚??s next great storyteller‚?Ě, Jeremy's unique show has been in demand for over 20 years. He‚??s drawn rave reviews for his clever observations, unique storytelling style, and ability to improvise with his audience.

Jeremy‚??s DryBar Comedy Special, ‚??Neighborhood Sasq-Watch‚?Ě, is one of the highest rated episodes on the platform. Nunes also released an Amazon Prime special titled ‚??Who's With Me?!‚?Ě He has appeared in ‚??The Layover,‚?Ě ‚??The Break-Up,‚?Ě ‚??Last Comic Standing,‚?Ě ‚??Final Witness,‚?Ě 2 PBS mini-series, Comcast on Demand, a National Geographic Special & and heard on ESPN Radio. Nunes is also one of the most requested comedians by Sirius/XM Satellite Radio listeners. He hosts the award winning comedy podcast ‚??Dynamite Drop In‚?Ě.
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Destroying Your Child in Dodgeball

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