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The content of my act centers around my experience growing up in the middle of nowhere, conservative and narrow-minded, and my path away from that. As a xenophile who looks like a he'd do well on "Okkkcupid," I focus on the learning about, engaging with, celebrating, and gently poking fun at our multicultural world. I use my mistakes and mishaps to illustrate how my view of the world has evolved over time. I also talk about sexuality, polyamory in particular. I've got a child on the way, so that's creeping into my act now. My goal is to challenge bias, rather than confirm it, but I always put funny first.

Regarding the craft of my act, I primarily employ autobiographical stories, act-outs, accent work, joke writing, and crowd interactions. I'm not a one-liner comic or a "let me tell you what you already know" kind of comic. The overall slant is somewhat liberal, but I've honed my act in 44 different states for a wide variety of audiences, mostly conservative ones in the last few years, but I started in NYC.

I have a solid hour, about half of which is clean. I'm a very strong feature who's just started headlining. last year.
I created, wrote, produced, and co-hosted the popular podcast "Let's Talk About Sets!" about the "science" and craft of stand-up comedy. Though never my intention, I'm open-mic famous around the globe, and my podcast has been used in curricula at a few universities. It's been on hiatus, but production has resumed.

I've produced shows all over the country, and I renovated the back of a restaurant in Manhattan and ran it as a baby comedy club for a couple years. Sadly, I'm horrible at social media, but it's well past time I focus on it. My website needs an update, too.

I spent 5 years in New York learning the craft and 3 years on the road. I have a car, can travel anywhere, and take with me all the sound and lighting equipment to produce a show for up to 500 people.
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