Jay Johnson/Laura Cruise

Photo of Jay Johnson/Laura Cruise
Photo of Jay Johnson/Laura Cruise

I am a stand-up comedian and comedy screenwriter. I perform in both in and out of Drag as a character Laura Cruise. My comedy is camp, whimsical and dark. I have dance, acting and make-up skills.

I have very recently started doing stand-up, but have written comedy short films and have been writing comedy for around 8 years. I chose to portray my drag character Laura Cruise due to my love of drag and my ability to transform into a convincing female. I use this character to blur the lines of gender to enhance my comedy. Though I more often perform out of drag for convenience.

I am an adept screenwriter and I'm very comfortable on stage with some some acting and dance experience.

I now run and compare a free monthly comedy night in Leeds called The Pit Comedy Club for newcomers and professionals who just fancy a go. I will be extending this with The Pit Comedy Club in Harrogate.