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Jameson Cox is...-ish. He's nice-ish. Clever-ish. Tall-ish. Memorable-ish. He has a face you can't put a name to and a name that doesn't match his face. He kinda looks more like an Eric. He's Eric-ish.


Jameson started his career as the house MC at Penguins Comedy Club in Cedar Rapids, IA and won The Freshest Comics Contest and was a feature performer at Floodwater Comedy Festival in Iowa City. He has since moved to Denver and can now be found performing at comedy clubs and alternative venues around the Midwest. Also a christian college once but that didn't go well so its unlikely he'll be invited back.


Also, he used to rap. And his rap name was Jameson Raps. And that doesn't embarrass him at all.

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Jameson Cox @ Comedy Works Denver


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