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Hello my name is "Hip-Hop Comic"
I have performed throughout the East Coast on the main stages historical and legendary Comedy Clubs..
Punchline Comedy Club Philadelphia
Helium Comedy Club Philadelphia
Victoria Freehouse Lounge
Lyrics Lounge venue
Mills Creek Tavern Philadelphia PA
Broadway Comedy Club Nyc
Rodney Dangerfield Comedy Club Nyc
Club Mist Spanish Harlem NYC
Greenwich Village
West Virginia
New Jersey
New York
Comedy album on Tidal music

Hip-Hop Comic is a Stand-up Comedian/Comedy writer/Radio personality/Event host
Comes from the East Coast Philadelphia Pennsylvania....
Product Overview"Hip-Hop Comic"
came up from the mean streets of Philadelphia in the Hunting Park section and never stop for filling his dream.He is a standup-comedian/comedy-writer/radio personality/event host... He has performed on some of the biggest stages on the East Coast Justin name a few Rodney Dangerfield Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, comic strip Live Comedy Club, Club Mist Harlem, just a few in New York.., now in Philadelphia PA he performed performed at Punchline Comedy Club, Helium Comedy Club, Victoria Freehouse Club, lyrics lounge, Club Egypt, Mill Creek Tavern, Club diesel, Cardinal Community center etc. also has a comedy album out .. is distributed worldwide all the music streaming services in music portals just to name a few like Tidal,iTunes,,apple music, Microsoft music, etc.. it's #2 in Philly on the comedy album charts .. he is the only comedian to put a comedy track on several different hip hop mixtapes buy well-known artists and producers. he is spreading his gift to the world and at the same time he is building a brand a corporation. he is the prime example that anyone can do it if you put your mind to it and stay focused and be determined, have ambition . he does this not just for self but so hopefully helping other comedian to fill their dreams..and open doors for other comics a like..
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