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Hi I am intended to perform in your club ? Is it possible?
My name is Helen Prior. I am a comedian and author, a member of Author’s society. I perform regularly in numerous London Comedy Clubs – Camden Comedy Club, Soho Zebrano, Up the Greek, Comefy on the Tran, All About Eve, Bogaloo, Jokers, Soho Theatre , Happy Monday Comedy, Full Front Comedy and more. I gigged at the Edinburgh Fringe 2022 at many events, including Pick of the Fringe. I performed on the stages in Bristol,Brighton, Chichester, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Pool, Southampton, Windsor, Plymouth, Oxford? Maidenhead, St Albans, Surbiton, Cambridge;in the US – Austin, Boston, Philadelphia; a support act for the award winning comedians Mad Ron, Dave Thompson, Dan Baptise, Phil Henderson, Natalie C’est La Vie, Matt Price. I done a lot of gigs at Edinburgh Fringe 2022. I was a finalist of a few gong shows and received a Cup as the Best Comedian of the Show at Comedy Virgins and Rising Star.
A solo show at Brighton and Camden Fringes- later to be taken to other Festivals .

Helen is very, very funny. Her gags had the crowd in hysterics. See her while you can!
Promoter David Lewis

Playfully bold-faced and witty. This lady hits like late night shots of sweetened vodka.
Promoter Alfie Evers

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