Photo of Geoff Gundelfinger

My comedy ranges from dry/stupid/wordplay to Rated-R, and mainly centers around my life as a husband, dad, customer service employee, car guy, d.i.y.'er, outdoorsman, and guy with a radio voice ("Does this guy even do comedy, or is he here to kick off a 40-minute classic rock block?")
I have performed since 2010. Some of it was at open mics and Comedy Works’ New Talent Night. Much was my comedy-and-alternative-rock based morning radio show. Yet more was writing and testing things out on social media. After the pandemic, I leaned into this standup thing full-force at last, a dream of mine since I was about 12. I haven’t passed up a chance to write, perform, and connect with comics and audience members since.
What’s great about performing is that, in a world that no longer includes comedy heroes like Louie Anderson, George Carlin, and Rodney Dangerfield, I have a chance to carry on their influence and legacy. I have always had a passion for making people’s day better than it was before we met, and have always been a smartass and very funny, oftentimes without even realizing it; so it’s amazing to lean into it all the way, on purpose, and not get written up for it!
Recent events have included Comedy Fort’s Jokechella, Comedy Works New Talent Night, and other showcases in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley Colorado. I can’t wait to see what’s next, and would be honored to bring the laughter to your event and or life!

Comedy Works 11-8-22