Photo of Francesca Dimech

Musical Comedy Salad

My act can be described as musical-comedy/cabaret/anti-folk. My songs are a mixture of dark, macabre comedy, pathetic stalkery love songs, reverse mermaids and zombie firefighters. and adorn my head with silly home-made hats and involve my band (of paper plate people) I play at venues across the UK and have recently played at Edinburgh Festival as well as tours of the north of England and Ireland. I've performed at festivals such as Blue Lagoon, Indietracks, Hub Cardiff and Wales Goes Pop and Hub Fest. My bio/links are below. I've also attached an mp3 of my latest song (sorry it's a bit sweary!) The only issue is I'd need to borrow a guitar as I'm only bringing hand luggage with me. Would that be possible?

The gruesome tales of history and humanity exposed via paper plates, hats and an assortment of noise-making accessories...

If you?re seeking excitement or tales that are gory
Or perhaps you seek out the undead in a story?
If you?d like these set down in a song or a ballad
I?d get yourself down to Francesca?s Word Salad...

A solitary show-woman, Francesca shuffles up macabre ballads with whist-ful laments ready to deal out a show encompassing a musical human hat stand, artfully exhibiting the latest techniques from the world of amateur bonnet making