Elle Bert

Take a geezer, your typical geezer. The type of geezer that you find in the pub talking about sex and masturbation. Complaining about how he can't get his cock out on the beach and challenging anyone who glances at him to a drinking competition. He smoking roll ups and has probably got 2 or 3 drinks on the go at any one time. The type of guy that you look to for a ruddy good night but would never trust to take care of your kids. He's got a colourful tongue and he's not afraid to use it.

Now turn that geezer into a 6ft tall, blonde, middle class, cock hungry woman.

There you have Elle Bert

Some would say Elle is too rude, others admire the brutal honesty. With her witty and comical look on life she tackles almost any subject that most would steer clear of. From period dramas (not talking about Downton Abby) to masturbation, one night stands and the ever so entertaining "Conversation with Marilyn" (her vagina).

Rip away everything society says about how woman should act and replace it with quick wit, a colourful tongue and honest truths about life as a single woman. Only then will you scrape the surface of what Elle is all about.

From reading the bible to comparing her life achievements to those of Adolf Hitler she'll have you laughing and questioning your morals from start to finish.

Winner - Solent Comedy Gong Show 2017

Winner - Fifty50 Entertainment Gong Show 2017

Runner up - Monopoly beauty competition 2012

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