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My name is Dink Kearney and I'm a comedian out of Durham NC and I'm also the host of Liquorhousecomedy on Pandora and #Spotify.

I can host, be an opening act, and I can feature. In addition to doing comedy, I'm currently filming for a reality show.
As comedian out of Durham NC, I started doing stand up comedy while I was stationed at Ft. Bragg as part of the 82nd Airborne Division. A lot of my material centers around real life experiences, like jumping out of an airplane and urinating on myself. I have other stories too that just as exciting.

As a comedian, I've done several shows at the Comedy Zone in Clayton NC. I've opened up for Shawn Jones, Kool Bubba Ice Drew Fraser, and hosted a show for Shango Forbez.

Performing before these comedians have me the to do a shows at Gotham Comedy club in Manhattan and Broadway Comedy club.

All of them gave me good reviews, along with sound advice. Im free to do comedy anytime as long and anywhere. My prices are reasonable. And I have club managers that can vouch for me too.
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