Photo of Dave Will Droz

I'm just your Polish British American, a bit absurd, observational and storytelling with some accents, characters, and impressions. Sometimes I resort to one-liners.

Born in Margate, Kent, I moved to the US at 19 years old, married at 20, became a dual citizen at 30, and then found out I'm also a Polish citizen. My name should've been a clue. I started doing open mics in there somewhere, on and off since about 2012, mostly to overcome embarrassment by not being funny and not caring, but unfortunately, making fun of Britain and the US in front of rednecks was sometimes funny, and I began to enjoy it. I moved to Germany in 2016 and back to the UK in 2017, where I've found a few gigs and begun to try other things. I like to make people feel more positive and relaxed, maybe to feel like if there's a clown in front of them who doesn't mind what they think about him but isn't angry or miserable, perhaps life isn't that bad.